Free verse with recording: Let’s Play!

This is a rewrite of a 2013 poem. Listen to the recording so you know how to read it. I dedicated the recording to my daughter Allison because she likes the creepy stuff.

Let’s Play!

broken twig
shallow print –
I know where you’re going

crushed leaf
drop of blood –
I am getting closer

sound of breath
smell of fear –
I can see you hiding

pleading eye
single tear –
now our game is over

you lose!

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Poetry open mic in Orange, CA, every Wed

Two Idiots Peddling Poetry holds open mic evenings at The Ugly Mug Cafe, 261 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866. 8pm to ~ 10:30pm. Small entry fee – and please buy a coffee! Cash only.

This poetry group is nerdy and funny; G to R-rated, the latter around “Archer” level. Not mine – I’m never naughty. I’m reading tonight, as are a number of awesome local poets.

Stop by for a listen – you can even sign up to read your own or another’s poem. Don’t be a chicken! This is a comfortable and welcoming place to overcome a fear of public speaking!

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Piano instrumental: The Chamber

Started composing this one in July 2014 and finished it tonight – with a four month break in between.

The Chamber

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Free verse: Your Brilliance of Being

Your Brilliance of Being

You are
Apollo on Fire
so very bright
the Sun defers
to your
halo of light
there is
no night
only shadows
by a smile
so vast
that gods conspire
to extinguish
your fire

Burn them
burn them
burn me
as I step
into flame
with rising heat
embers ignite
for Apollo
so very bright
searing light
my eyes
no longer
now blinded
by your
of being

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Miscellaneous bits

Various bits I’ve tweeted recently. Capturing here because this is where the words go.

Don’t bother me – I’m busy cultivating my Tortured Genius persona.

Nerd, thou dost transcend
generation and gender
Mine own fate
lies with the roll
of thy d20

Do Millennials enjoy being called “Millennials” as much as I enjoy being called “the tail end of the Baby Boomers”?

No poem of your own for open mic? Recite lyrics from Drunken Sailor. Spider Pig works too.

You know you’ve watched too much Doctor Who when you read the word cyber-attack and think only of this:

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Piano instrumental: Falling Up

I composed Falling Up, a piano instrumental, in Dec 2014. The method I use most often is to randomly select 3-6 notes, and then compose around them. But I prefer to have someone else pick the notes so I can write something for them.

Selecting D, F sharp, G, and A myself, Falling Up took five minutes for the core and about three hours to finish. I hope you enjoy it – it’s the first composition I’ve played and posted.

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Will Piggies Never Learn?

I wrote this in response to a prompt to retell a tale.

A Wolf may not be a Wolf until you force it to be a Wolf
Will Piggies Never Learn?

Your house of straw
My slightest breeze
Your world blew away
with the greatest of ease

My gust of wind
Your house of sticks
Now homeless, my friends?
You should have used bricks.

A house earth-strong
Well done, Lads!
This wolf taught you a lesson!
Yet you still call me “bad”?

Then a warning, Sirs
You three shall regress
And build a fool’s house
Out of paper, I’ll guess

And the day I return
Not a teacher I’ll be
But a ham-loving chef
My sweet piggies three!

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