Thank You, Clive Barker

It’s October and time to bring out the creepy. The Hellraiser movies inspired this poem. I haven’t seen them in decades but apparently Mr. Barker made an impression!

Thank You, Clive Barker

The Cenobites –
they live in my head.
At night they crawl out through my teeth
to play in my bed.

With meat hooks and razors,
cleavers and knives,
they peel off my skin
one thin strip at a time.

Strung up, I’m a tether ball
swinging ‘round ‘round a pole
’til they cut me down and kiss me
then dump me into a hole.

In the dark I sit
amidst blood, bone, and gore
as I patiently wait
for the one I adore.

Pale face crisscrossed
with scars and nails,
I hear him bludgeon his kin
and destroy their entrails.

He pulls me up from Hell’s depths,
reattaches my skin.
He sews up each hole
where a meat hook had been.

He wraps me in sheets
and returns me to bed,
then crawls back through my teeth
to sleep in my head.

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