From Found Words Rise the Tasks of Messengers (Part 3)

Originally, this series was to be based on one book. But as I sat down to write at PF Changs this evening (my usual poetry writing venue) I realized I didn’t have the book with me. So now the series includes words found in any book I happen to have handy! Tonight it is Shane Snow’s “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success”. Note to all y’all who don’t like business-y books: any book that begins with a guys-playing-Nintendo story must be awesome. Anyway, I followed my found words model by using primarily words near the end of sentences on the pages noted in the poem title. Unlike the previous poems that seem all wise and advisory, these have no relation to book subject matter. Here is the first Smartcuts-sourced poem:

Smartcuts p. 1-2

Idaho Dump

people emerged
the usual buildup
scrawny and rent-free
but odd
this day
this time
no game
no limit
they beat beat beat
their brothers countless
into the pit

my stopwatch
28 seconds
a world record I’d bet

See the first two parts of this series based on words from “Happiness is an Inside Job” by Dr. Sylvia Boorstein:
From Found Words Rise the Tasks of Messengers (Part 1)
From Found Words Rise the Tasks of Messengers (Part 2)

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