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Haiku series: Nightclub Proof

Don’t be getting any ideas. The following is not based on actual events and shall never be. Cuz Shots? They ain’t me. Hey, look – I rhymed! Observation 1 your interest in me directly proportional to proximity Observation 2 our … Continue reading

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Piano Instrumental: Music Box 1

Woo hoo – personal best! Created this one in 15 minutes. I was supposed to be running through standard classical piano exercises (that I assigned myself tonight) but it was soooo boring and frustrating that I became distracted by other … Continue reading

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Piano Instrumental: I Will Follow the Moonlight

I composed this when I was 19, a really long time ago if you believe in the concept of chronological time. There were lyrics, but I have no idea where they are. All I remember is one line: I will follow the … Continue reading

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Piano Instrumental: Save the World from Me No. 2

I composed this a few years ago. A related piece, “Save the World from Me No. 1” isn’t finished. It just ain’t happening. But one day, perhaps. In the meantime, here’s No. 2.

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Free verse with recording: Let’s Play!

This is a rewrite of a 2013 poem. Listen to the recording so you know how to read it. I dedicated the recording to my daughter Allison because she likes the creepy stuff. Let’s Play! broken twig shallow print – I … Continue reading

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Poetry open mic in Orange, CA, every Wed

Two Idiots Peddling Poetry holds open mic evenings at The Ugly Mug Cafe, 261 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866. 8pm to ~ 10:30pm. Small entry fee – and please buy a coffee! Cash only. This poetry group is nerdy and … Continue reading

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Piano instrumental: The Chamber

Started composing this one in July 2014 and finished it tonight – with a four month break in between. The Chamber

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