Will Piggies Never Learn?

I wrote this in response to a prompt to retell a tale.

A Wolf may not be a Wolf until you force it to be a Wolf
Will Piggies Never Learn?

Your house of straw
My slightest breeze
Your world blew away
with the greatest of ease

My gust of wind
Your house of sticks
Now homeless, my friends?
You should have used bricks.

A house earth-strong
Well done, Lads!
This wolf taught you a lesson!
Yet you still call me “bad”?

Then a warning, Sirs
You three shall regress
And build a fool’s house
Out of paper, I’ll guess

And the day I return
Not a teacher I’ll be
But a ham-loving chef
My sweet piggies three!

About oodajunkie's words distract

Don’t bother me – I’m busy cultivating my Tortured Genius persona.
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