Sanctuary – poem / lyrics update

In my last post, I shared the start of a poem, or possibly lyrics, and a rough GarageBand mp3 so you could get an idea of the melody should this develop into an actual song. I added two more stanzas, and I think I need one more. But here’s an update so you can track progress:


I’ll be your Sanctuary –
respite from battle cries.
Just lay your weapons at my feet
and you may close your eyes.
I’ll keep you safe behind my shield
until the klaxon sound
commands us Wake and gather arms –
return to battleground.

You are my Sanctuary –
all fears I shall discard.
My burden borne on shoulders strong,
to you I yield my guard.
You hold me close and raise my breath
and soul above the sea
until again the world collapses,
ending our reprieve.

There is no Sanctuary –
when here remains just one.
I fight alone in fields of fire,
assailed by sword and gun.
Without you here to take my hand
and bring a moment’s peace,
I face a never-ending battle –
War that cannot cease.

Melanie Lewis
V2 Feb 03, 2015

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