Poetry open mic in Orange, CA, every Wed

Two Idiots Peddling Poetry holds open mic evenings at The Ugly Mug Cafe, 261 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866. 8pm to ~ 10:30pm. Small entry fee – and please buy a coffee!

This poetry group is nerdy and funny; G to R-rated, the latter around “Archer” level. Not mine – I’m never naughty.

I’m reading tonight: It’s the only legitimate way I know to purposefully make people sad and, possibly, cry. But I hope to end with a laugh. I might even sing for the first time since junior high. We’ll see.  No promises.

Stop by for a listen – You can even sign up to read your own or another’s poem. Don’t be a chicken! If I can overcome my fear of humans, you can, too.

Thank you to @SageNAmerica and the July 2014 talent show. I’d never have attempted open mic if it weren’t for Sage!

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Don’t bother me – I’m busy cultivating my Tortured Genius persona.
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