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Free verse: Your Brilliance of Being

Your Brilliance of Being You are Apollo on Fire so very bright the Sun defers to your halo of light there is no night only shadows cast by a smile so vast that gods conspire to extinguish your fire Burn … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous bits

Various bits I’ve tweeted recently. Capturing here because this is where the words go. — Don’t bother me – I’m busy cultivating my Tortured Genius persona. — Nerd, thou dost transcend generation and gender Mine own fate lies with the roll of … Continue reading

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Piano instrumental: Falling Up

I composed Falling Up, a piano instrumental, in Dec 2014. The method I use most often is to randomly select 3-6 notes, and then compose around them. But I prefer to have someone else pick the notes so I can … Continue reading

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Will Piggies Never Learn?

I wrote this in response to a prompt to retell a tale. A Wolf may not be a Wolf until you force it to be a Wolf or… Will Piggies Never Learn? Your house of straw My slightest breeze Your … Continue reading

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oodajunkie on deviantart – plus a poem

I reengaged with deviantart as oodajunkie instead of my old id: kbyshimru. I shall miss you, unwinnable test! My new bio somehow turned into a poem. If I title it Untitled, is it still untitled? Paradox detected. Another rift in space-time. Untitled I … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – with m4a file

More progress on Sanctuary. I recorded myself singing it – no music – so you understand the melody. Needs a much stronger singer because the song is not supposed to sound so wimpy :). Still working in the music and … Continue reading

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Poetry open mic in Orange, CA, every Wed

Two Idiots Peddling Poetry holds open mic evenings at The Ugly Mug Cafe, 261 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866. 8pm to ~ 10:30pm. Small entry fee – and please buy a coffee! This poetry group is nerdy and funny; G … Continue reading

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