Dragons and Sea Serpents: my iPad art on Pinterest

I love creatures! The best part about drawing something that does not exist: no one can say I didn’t do it right.

I uploaded four creatures I sketched using my iPad v1. Yes, the very first iPad version, and the lowest-priced model. Still use it today. These particular creatures arose from many hours on airplanes in 2013.

Dragon 1: I drew her using the charcoal-simulating ASKetch app. It’s one of my favorite drawing apps, though it’s difficult to clean up the background – but I suppose it’s the same with real charcoal, right?

Dragon 2: Brushes app. I prefer it for anything cartoon-like.

Sea Serpent 1: Also Brushes app. Very easy to clean up edges when you zoom in.

Sea Serpent 2: InspirePro paint simulator app. Best I’ve used so far. Easy, and available for my iPhone, too.

I hope you enjoy these creatures. And I recommend you try ASKetch, Brushes, and InspirePro apps. Inexpensive and hours of enjoyment!

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