Sevenling: Fallen

There seem to be multiple interpretations of the “sevenling” format. I followed this one from a poem-a-day prompt:  “a 7-line poem … that features two tercets and a one-liner in the final (third) stanza. The first two stanzas should have an element of three in them that can either play off each directly, work as juxtaposition, or have no connection whatsoever. The final line should work as either a punchline, weird twist, or punctuation mark.”

Here’s my submission based on actual events in Arizona; at least I had a very large yard.


In the yard stood an ash tree one hundred feet tall
looking down on two pines by the opposite wall.
They worshiped his size; they were both very small.

Then one day when great winds joined beetles and rot,
the ash struggled to stand but, sadly, could not,
and he fell to the feet of the pine trees, distraught

for he’s just five feet tall, now his side is his top.

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