Rhyme: Her Heart

I wrote this in response to a http://www.writersdigest.com prompt for a “broke” poem. I don’t typically write love-related poems, but one writes what pops into one’s head, doesn’t one?

Her Heart

He dropped her heart onto the ground
It neither cracked nor made a sound
but smiled at him as there it lay
He shook his head and walked away

It followed him up to his door
Love me please, it did implore
He frowned and said, I do not care
and then he kicked it down the stair

The heart called out from down below,
You loved me once, I know it’s so
You loved me long, you loved me true

He said, You haven’t got a clue

Then as he turned to use his key
the heart climbed upstairs silently
It reached for him and with a frown
It pulled him back and they fell down

and down and down until they hit
with such a force his own heart split
and hers said with its final breath,
I love you still – in life or death

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3 Responses to Rhyme: Her Heart

  1. beingeternal says:

    Beautifully Reflected Heart- Her Heart! I love you still – in life or death…………. so emotional.


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