Free Verse: After an argument with my brother

Have you ever had arguments with someone who always seems to get the last word in, and then minutes, hours, or days later you think, Oh man, I just totally thought of the best thing I could have said! Me, too. Or, given the style of this poem, I should have written “I, too.” I think this one is better said than read.

After an argument with my brother

This afterthought –
an aftershock to me,
not he,
the argument that he is.

Had I these words
when last words were my claim,
I would not have relinquished
to his last laugh.

I would have offered
more than the dull scratchings
of that first scant retort,

and he would have choked
on my great thunder.

But this new reply,
assembled too late
to close harsh on sibling discord,
must sit dark in my pocket –
to be unleashed
at our next meet
and his first pause.

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