Free verse: My Offended Ear

My brain functions as programmed, and my default language functions are programmed to process words and sentences as an academic. I did write my own Everyday function, primarily to help me operate reasonably well with other people. I also have a Grammar Police function that I try to call sparingly; only the Grammar Police appreciate the Grammar Police. The Grammar Police function does occasionally find a defect in its own programming. This requires a hard reboot, but it also resets the Grammar Police function to factory settings, i.e., “humble mode”.

Here is poem written by my Grammar Police function:

My Offended Ear

Your saliva is a caustic solvent
    applied liberally
    to our language.

It dissolves the syntactic glue
    that bonds noun
    to verb,
    to object.

As words fall from your lazy tongue
    to the floor,
    my offended ear struggles
    to convert chaos
    into comprehension.

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Don’t bother me – I’m busy cultivating my Tortured Genius persona.
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